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Red Royalty is our bold and bright statement of love with a deeply passionate palette of reds, burgundies, whites, creams and deep greenery.


Rental Package Types:


Sweet&Simple Package
Beauty on a budget! Our Sweet&Simple package offers enough flower products to decorate your event without breaking a bank.
Quantity of products: 4 Large + 4 Medium + 6 Small


Classic Package
Our Classic package offers you the ability to have richly decorated ceremony and reception! This package will provide a timeless look to any type of event!
Quantity of products: 4 Large + 8 Medium + 10 Small


Extravagant Package
Go all out with our Extravagant package! This is the largest package we offer so you can fully immerse yourself in the flowery beauty! Make all your dreams come true!
Quantity of products: 6 Large + 12 Medium + 16 Small



Bouquet Sizes and Dimensions:
Large – avg. diameter – 19”/ height – 8.5”

Medium – avg. diameter – 16”/ height – 7.5”

Small – avg. diameter – 13”/ height – 6.5”

Red Royalty Collection Packages

PriceFrom $800.00
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